Clock of Heaven is the Silver Medal winner in the 2009 Independent Publisher Book Awards!

Here’s the complete list of the contenders:

Literary Fiction (expanded list)

Cain’s Version, by Frank Durham (Iroquois Press); Sailor Girl, by Sheree-Lee Olson (Porcupine’s Quill); Waiting For Elvis, by David Elias (Coteau Books); The Other Sister, by Lola Lemire Tostevin (Inanna Publications); The Spirit of the Place, by Samuel Shem (The Kent State University Press); Adam the King, by Jeffrey Lewis (Other Press); Temporary People: A Fable, by Steven Gillis (Black Lawrence Press); The Clock of Heaven, by Dian Day (Inanna Publications); To The End of the Straight and Narrow, by David McGlynn (Southern Methodist University Press); The Impact of a Single Event, by R.L. Prendergast (Dekko Publishing); Cora’s Turn, by George Cope (BookSurge Publications); Mexico Way, by Chilton Williamson, Jr. (Chronicles Press)


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