Beach Glass
Beach Glass

Beach Glass


I’m not sure why we’ve come to treasure these broken bits of discarded bottle coughed up by the tide.  Perhaps it is because the sea has created something soft and smooth from something sharp and dangerous; crafted something that seems almost natural or organic from something human-made.  Perhaps we are merely amazed at how time passes on the ocean floor, grain by grain, eroding our confidence in civilizations.


  1. Jamie

    I second Andrea’s comment! Also, I get to look at the bits of beautiful sea glass picked up on the beach by you every day, since they’re sitting in a bowl on my mantle now. Hope all is well by you!

  2. Linda

    Dian, your pics and words most inspiring. Someone once told me that these beautiful, multi-colored glass pieces represent mermaid tears. That’s what I think as I have collected my share over the years.

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