Today, a ragged yellow balloon lies beside the path.  Its ribbon is still attached, curled among last year’s leaves, green sprigs, and the rocky earth.  I examine it curiously, wonder why it came to land here, on this woody hillside, where I would find it.  Wonder what hand released it into the blue, and how long they stood staring after it as it climbed. 



    On a hot sunny day in September 2008 my partner and I let a helium ballon be free and find its way to the heavens. Its take off point was St Anne=s Lookoff in Cape Breton.

    The day was significant in that we paid hommage to a very fine lady Aunt Emily who had passed that previous June. As we were unable to attend the funeral we searched the crevices of our mind and remembered one night we had spent with her the year prior while she was hospitalized. We were all out of conversation and there happened to be balloons attached to one flower arrangement. My partner decide that a balloon should be free and there we were the 3 of us playing toss the balloon back and forth. After much laughter we left Aunt Emily with a big smile on her face. This was the only stimulation she had for days and distracted her from the constant pain as the cancer ate away at her very being.
    Therefore it came to be that one hot September afternoon we purchased a very shiny helium balloon took it to St. Anne’s and set it free. We said a few words in rememberance and their it flew over the tree tops,soared higher than an eagle that was nearby and went out to the ocean. As it soared we could catch a glimpse of silver in the light blue sky as it twirled among the air currents and reflected the sunlight. Although it was daylight it was much like the twinkling of the stars at night.
    Although the balloon you found was not the one we set free I remember the moment as if it was yesterday and yes one wonders what is the story behind a ragged balloon at the end of its life and of the glory and beauty it once had.

  2. What a lovely story. It makes me even more curious about the hand that let go of this yellow balloon. I could tell by looking at it that it had lightened someone’s load, somewhere, somehow…

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