You are truly very gifted with how you use words.
~ Donna Munro, Ottawa

I remain thrilled by your writing. I knew your novel would be perfect  — an exquisitely crafted opal.  I am an unabashed drooler over good  lyrical prose.   Esa, whom I knew in earlier  days, has now been so  finely honed as a character that, like a beautiful ceramic doll, one  is scared she might break if dropped. You would have to be called in  to put her back together.  Esa  will have a niche in the hearts of all who read The Clock of Heaven.

~ Judith Love, Wolfville


I so enjoyed The Clock of Heaven… such beautiful writing.  I spent a day on my sofa savouring it… was surprised and strangley satisfied by Esa’s choice…

~ Kate Adams, North Mountain

 The Clock of Heaven … is a great story, rich with big ideas, textured with imagery and masterfully written. It is a gift to us all.
At the outset I was delightfully surprised that it the book was so unabashedly Canadian. One of the big wheels in Canadian Broadcasting  said that “… in every great Canadian story, landscape is a character”.  And it is my view that even with all of its diversity, being Canadian still seems to mean understanding what it means to be one generation off the farm. I can think of at least a dozen people who will relish the book’s rurality. I couldn’t help thinking that the students of every Agricultural School in the country would drink this book up.
The imagery was generous and wonderful, once or twice distracting me  from the storyline. I found my self staring into space thinking “How in the world did she think of that one?”
I don’t know what I was thinking but I thought the book would not appeal to me. I was pretty sure that a house would be built, repaired  or renovated, but I thought I would not find the story intriguing; it  would be too complicated, too metaphysical or something. So I am profoundly happy that my fears were completely misplaced.

I hope the praise is rolling in from sea to shining sea (that’s about the depth of my imagery).

~ Patrick Gibson, Ottawa


The book was incredible. I tried to read it slowly, but towards the end I couldn’t put it down. You are a beautiful writer and I am looking forward to the next one!!

~ Kristen Schoenhals, Ottawa


I’m just about half way through the book now.  What a great read.  Aside from the story itself, I found I’ve been magically transported to rural life.

~ Wynn Quonn, Ottawa


I read the book practically in one sitting….pulled me in entirely.

~ Susie Osler, Perth


It is really a lovely and compelling novel, and is deserving of all the attention.

~ Pamela Naymark, Ottawa


I finished the book yesterday afternoon. I actually only started it Friday and couldn’t put it down …  I LOVED it!   Please write more!

~ Rashida Collins, Ottawa


I just finished reading “Clock of Heaven” and absolutely loved it. What characters!  What a talent you have!  One of the characters I most enjoyed despite everything is Cyril, so true to type of some older, kind Maritime men!  Like when I finish any good gripping novel, I am left wanting to know more  and feel like a good friend has just left.  Esa has been  with me for awhile and I miss her. Thank you for this wonderful read.

~Joan MacLeod, River John, NS


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